Sam the tech


It’s been a nice  watching my father in law progress in his IT skills. Every time we saw each other he was busy studying or doing homework. I have challenged him with electronics and so far he has built me Lighting trigger similar to this one, LED blinking heart for my daughter, fixed my phone and a few other projects.  He also does a fantastic job at replacing iphone screens, tablet screens and other computer repairs. He has much potential and I’m proud to say that even though he was very strict while I was dating his daughter he is an awesome tech and father in law too. Congrats Sam on your achievement and your continued education. I hope you enjoyed your surprise party.

If anybody is hiring in the IT field you should consider Sam.



Photos taken with:

Nikon Df

85mm 1.8G

50mm 1.2 AI-S 

Neewer Battery Grip

Sandisk SD Card



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